Lucky green bracelet: the story of a precious single

The green bracelet, composed of an elegant emerald green braided cord and a precious gold or silver clasp , carries with it a special meaning that not everyone knows. This jewel is linked to some very ancient traditions of Sardinia , but not only. Let's see in detail.

This type of bracelet often refers to luck , hope and important events in life . In fact, every important event is linked to a jewel! Let's think about the meaning of diamonds, eternal in time, the one tied to a promise and then to the engagement ring . Think of the gifts for baptism and other jewels that mark the path of all of us. The important events of life are also made of ancient rites and traditions, which want and pretend to be set, enclosed and often stopped in a precious.

The green bracelet for some popular cultures is a symbol of hope , recalled by its bright and positive color. In Sardinia the green bracelet is very popular and is worn as a symbol of protection and good wishes . It came and is often given at the time of birth, to then accompany the young even in adulthood with a strong memory of those who gave it.
Even today it is a versatile jewel, always fashionable, comfortable and elegant both for him and for her. A jewel that can not be renounced, especially if enriched by the light of the gold or silver of its carabiner, or by some small pendant or stone.
But let's see its history and its particularity.

Many years ago, in some areas of Sardinia, the baby was bandaged together with some parsley leaves and other greenaromatic herbs which, it was believed, could protect it from all evil thanks to their bright and sunny color and thanks to their effluvi . Over the years, even for a certain comfort, instead of parsley began to use a string or ribbon of satin color strictly green, which recalled the pigmentation of the famous and widely used spice. Worn then on the wrist for comfort and in order to keep it always with him, is now an evergreen with a strong emotional meaning and always in fashion!
The green bracelet is therefore very tied to the moment of the birth of a child: an important event, full of emotions and expectations.

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